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Trading Kangaroo Tails and The 'V' Concept | Naked FOREX Strategy

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Price action strategies

Hi guys,
I've decided that I no longer want to trade with indicators as every time I put a system together, it fails when I forward test it. Because of this I want t try strictly price action trading. I've started by reading Naked Forex and a few strategies have caught my attention, specifically the kangaroo tail. I was wondering if anyone trades that system and if they had any resources they could share to help me develop it. I would also appreciate any other price action traders who could suggest viable strategies that I could research further.
Thanks for your help
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Naked Forex Noob

TL;DR Just got into Naked Forex trading but I am stuck on backtesting. Can't correctly identify critical zones (supp and res zones) and I haven't found the criteria for my trading system (wammies and moolahs) on the charts that I have back tested. Any advice?

Hi there, I started learning about forex awhile back from a friend and he began to show me the basics while also directing me to babypips for the free course they put you through. Although I got into all of this awhile back, I have been stuck in the stages of finding my own strategy and backtesting it.
At first, I was very much into using the basic indicators (RSI, MACD, SMA/EMA) but then I came across a recommendation in this sub to read 'Naked Forex' and I was hooked. Not in a sense that now I knew exactly what my strategy was and how to implement it, but hooked in the idea of being able to read a chart and make trades based on price action and reversals.
Of course while reading the book, understanding the concepts, and looking at all the examples of the different trading strategies i'm getting hyped in my mind to get to the backtesting stage to see if I can put this knowledge to somewhat of a test. Now here I am, staring at tradingview's daily and 4h charts from 2006 onward.
Here's where I get stuck.
I understand identifying critical support and resistance zones and it all made sense to me in the book, but as I am backtesting I find that the zones are either always changing or I can't figure out which ones are critical. On top of that, my trading system looks something like this (advice is welcome on how this could be improved or if you see any glaring "wtfs" in it)
I trade wammies & moolahs (market touches supp. or res. zone twice, second touch is lowehigher with a bearish/bullish candlestick printed on the 2nd touch) and use either a kangaroo tail or big shadow for confirmation to initiate the trade.
The buy/sell stop is set 8 pips above/below the bearish/bullish candlestick and the stop loss is placed below/above the first touch.
The profit target is the following zone.
There's a bit more criteria for the trade but that's the blueprint of it. I apologize if it either doesn't make sense or confuses you but even after sifting through months/years of backtesting data my eyes never caught any of this action happening in the zones I've identified.
Any help would be appreciated as I am a sponge and will soak in as much criticism and advice as I can.
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How to Setup The Kangaroo Tail Indicator  Setting up ... Kangaroo Tail Trading Guide  The Simple Way to Trade in ... EarnWithTodd - YouTube Walter Peters: How to Trade Kangaroos, Even if You Have ... 3 Ways To Trade Kangaroos - YouTube AUDUSD Daily Kangaroo Tail Pin Bar Naked Forex Trade A Naked Trade - the Kangaroo Tail

Indicator which identfies a kangaroo tail as defined in the book naked forex A kangaroo tail is defined as - a candle where the body closes in the upper or lower third - which has room to the left Forex Kangaroo EA TulipFX Review. Today we have a new expert advisor that is hopping up on all of us. Really, yes really, we are going to be looking at a system known as the Forex Kangaroo EA. It may make you want to bounce, but this forex software is actually worthy of a long look. There are a few things off the bat we like about the Forex Kangaroo EA. This is that it is not associated with ... Simple Forex Robot is intended primarily for beginner Forex traders. It is a fully automated trading robot with a minimum of settings. Most of the parameters are optimized, set in advance and hidden, the user only needs to launch this EA in the chart window of any of the supported currency pairs and it will trade on all supported instruments. The robot is intended for use on currency pairs ... Kangaroo EA Expert Advisor - Überblick, Live Performance, Kosten. Forex Germany. Expert Advisors - Kangaroo EA . Kangaroo EA ist ein Expert Advisor, dessen grundsätzliche Handelsstrategie wohl am ehesten als dynamisches Grid Scalping bezeichnet werden kann. Bei einem normalen Grid Ansatz werden nach Eröffnung der ersten Position neue Orders statisch, das heißt in jeweils im Voraus ... The ideal forex kangaroo tail doesn’t have a lot of price action to its left. This is because kangaroo tails are reversal signals and whenever there is a lot of room to the left, you are dealing with a possibly overextended trend. In addition, extreme reversals tend to happen in areas that have not seen price action in a long time. This is the reversal that will allow you to capture large ... A kangaroo tail is a distinct price pattern. It is an obvious clue to the naked trader that the market has gone too far. It is one candlestick that is easy to spot. Once you become familiar with this catalyst you will see them everywhere and often at reversal points. Kangaroo tails may print buy signals—bullish kangaroo tails—and bearish kangaroo tails, which are sell signals. The kangaroo ... ENTER YOUR BEST EMAIL BELOW TO GET FREE ACCESS TO THE KANGAROO TAIL TRADING SCHOOL! NEXT PAGE. ENTER YOUR BEST EMAIL BELOW TO GET FREE ACCESS TO THE KANGAROO TAIL TRADING SCHOOL! NEXT PAGE. This is a free service and credit card is NOT required. FREE Registration – 100% Free Trading Website. This is a free service and credit card is NOT required. FREE Registration – 100% Free Trading ... Recent Kangaroo Tail Signal in BTC/USD. There are many hundreds of chart patterns and different ways to interpret them (this interpretation is the ‘art’ aspect of chart patterns). Experimenting with different charts is a great way to investigate patterns and how they do or don’t appeal to you and your trading style. In upcoming articles we will look at further technical analysis topics ... Kangaroo Tails Introduction Naked Forex Kangaroo Tail indicator is a pattern recognition indicator for Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Metals and Indices like the SP500, DOW JONES, or the DAX. The Kangaroo Tail is a simple and very effective pattern that can be traded with any time frame. The strategy is mainly based on price action. Kangaroo Tail on the weekly chart. (Ref: NAKED FOREX book). Its basically a pin bar with certain conditions. Price may correct to 1.5000 levels if deeper correction then 1.3000

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How to Setup The Kangaroo Tail Indicator Setting up ... - Here are three very simple ways to trade Kangaroo Tails. Kangaroo Hunter Website Kangaroo Tail Indicator - Learn how to trade Kangaroo Tail setups easily in thi... Kangaroo Tail Indicator - Learn the basics of how to trade the Kangaroo Tail candle and start catching hundreds of pips easily. ... Kangaroo Tail Indicator - My Regulated Broker - Learn how to setup the Kangaroo Tail indicator with ... Trading without indicators can be liberating and very simple. Forex traders looking for simple, powerful trading systems may ... Naked Price Action Forex Trade. AUDUSD Daily Kangaroo Tail Pin Bar Trade 9/21/2015. Brought to you by Forex Signal Provider Date of issue: 11 March 2013. Speaker: Walter Peters. Kangaroo Tails are some of the best trades on the charts, but if you have never traded them, you probab... If You Want To Learn How To Trade Using a Simple Trading Strategy That Isn't Complicated You're on the Right Channel! Signup at to Bec...