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ThinkCoin. What is the difference between TradeConnect and other ICOs?

ThinkCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to allow day-to-day trading of financial products and digital trading tokens that support the TradeConnect network.
Once launched, TradeConnect is expected to offer a variety of financial instruments, including digital money, Foreign exchange1. and CFD pairs on stock indexes, commodities, stocks, precious metals and commodities. quantity. The application of Blockchain technology will help every transaction in the customer account is transparent and can not be removed.
**The strength of TradeConnect over ICO projects in the market:**
  1. This is the product of ThinkMarkets financial group, has 10 years experience in the financial market, the top 3 best forex trading platform in Australia. ThinkMarkets has two of the world’s leading financial institutions, ASIC, & FCA.TradeConnect, the next step in our mission.
  2. ThinkMarkets already has more than 130,000 customers trading on our MT4 platform and TradeInterceptors. When TradeConnect runs forex in November, the total number of customers will be converted. With this customer base, TradeConnect has a community available to grow.
  3. The world’s leading multi-asset transaction based on blockchain technology. You can trade electronic money like Binace, Bittrex, and TCO. Also offering securities, forex, CFDs, commodities, etc. will attract large numbers of participants from the traditional financial markets as well. crypto.
  4. Peer-to-Peer Transaction Application: Using AI artificial intelligence network to find the best price for each transaction, AI will make the transaction faster, more flexible, fair and cost effective.
  5. Team of experienced developers: CEOs, professional managers and consultants from Fintech, investment banking, blockchain and financial funds.
  6. The amount of coin sold will not be canceled, the amount of coin circulated in the market will be collected through transaction fees, payment by TCO. The company plans to use the proceeds to collect the proceeds to ensure the stability of the TCO for the purpose of paying the currency.
  7. In addition to listing on TradeConnect where the TCO is the most liquid, TCO is also listed on many of the world’s most prestigious coin exchanges, benefiting many token holders.
  8. A trading platform that allows companies to list their digital currency (listing), raise capital to carry out technology projects and start a business.
  9. After linking ThinkMarkets and TradeConnect in November of the same year as the RoadMap route, investors will be able to transfer money between the two platforms, offering two major benefits:
  10. Hurricanes into the fixed dollar of ThinkMarkets, this is a safer alternative to storm shelters in the current USDT token.
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