The Forex Expo Dubai 2019, United Arab Emirates

Booth Printing for Exhibitions

Booth Printing for Exhibitions
Spark Innovations Dubai is the best place for all kind of printing solution. We offer the commercial graphic booth printing for exhibitions, custom stands, shell schemes, events, conferences, promotions, and various other occasions.
We specialize in:
• Forex board vinyl printing
• Shell scheme exhibition stands printing
• Vinyl printing & rollups stand
• Exhibition stands graphics printing
• Vehicle graphic
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ZedXe to use GITEX 2018 (GITEX Future Stars) as a platform to launch their Digital Assets Trading Exchange

ZedXe to use GITEX 2018 (GITEX Future Stars) as a platform to launch their Digital Assets Trading Exchange
WHEN: October 14, 2018 at 1200 GMT
WHERE: Pod F8, Zabeel Hall 5, DWTC, Dubai
GITEX is the place for next-level networking, learning and partnership-building, where one can witness facilitated business meetings, blockbuster showcases, enlightening briefings and all the key players to turn it in a high ROI.
For 38 years, GITEX Technology Week has helped the most renowned names in technology to come alive. A week of showcasing the global technology and innovations, that is converging sectors and industries, 365 days a year. GITEX helps businesses to uncover new perspectives, explore game-changing ideas with conferences and master the smart adoptions leading to growth.
This year, ZedXe is all set to launch its Digital Assets Trading Exchange in 38th GITEX Technology Week (GITEX Future Stars) to be held in Dubai from 14th to 18th October 2018.
Zedxe aims to be a trading and financing platform for the industry 4.0 era, using technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to reduce the number of counter-parties, thus lowering the cost of services for the end consumer, along with state of an art new trading & finance features. Zedxe will allow platform users to improve efficiency, error reduction, time-savings, and straight-through processing without any intermediaries, and with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Management tools.
In addition, Zedxe will enable / empower more control and more transparency of dealing trading and finance operations, with a vision to:

  • Integrate USD 8 Trillion+ Global Forex and its related Assets' Legacy Market with Digital Assets (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Develop the biggest trading liquidity pool comprised of ZFL token holders, for their benefits.
  • Develop the ZFL Exchange front-end trading dashboard and wallets, and the legacy assets system integration with blockchain at the back-end.
  • Obtain a Crypto Banking license for the ZFL Finance option, to integrate it with different corporate sectors, mainly Retail SMEs.
  • Facilitate Financing / Credit / Margin using ZFL tokens.
  • Provide a fully compliant Exchange and Finance with required securities, rules & regulations, compliance, KYC and AML by Estonia.
  • Provide a finance option to the SME especially Retail sector on Proof of Business Identity on Blockchain / Sidechain and feasibility of Profit-Sharing Model.
Features of ZedXe
The Zedxe ecosystem, powered by the ZFL token, comprises of:

  • Digital Assets Trading
  • Forex and another Traditional Assets Trading
  • Margin trading
  • Liquidity Pools (LPs) with Daily ROI and bi-monthly withdrawal facility
  • Finance to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based on Proof of Business Identity (PoBI) on Blockchain / Sidechain
GITEX Technology Week gives full access to the booming regional market and the flourishing opportunities. The reason why ZedXe has chosen GITEX to launch its exchange is to leverage the following benefits:

  • Connect with regional & global powerhouses
  • Create new market opportunities
  • Captivate global audiences
  • Position the brand
  • Gain extra brand exposure
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Maximize the impact of the participation at the exhibition
  • Bring in more investors for the Liquidity Pool as well as for the Exchange.
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Daily thread #319

The French should be amazed by Indigo’s order of 400 aircrafts, coming as an early Christmas present for investors in addition to Emirates’ order of another 40 “double-deckers”, for $15.1 billion, which was already in place at the Dubai Airshow earlier. None of the companies have commented on the matter so far, but a good trader buys on gossip and sells on the news.
The Hungarian investor is selling his Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook shares, along with his investments of tech leaders Google and Apple. As he fell out of favor earlier this year, thanks to his comments opposing Trump and his surroundings, and the Dutch scandals from years ago which caught up on him in May, he has given most of his wealth away in October, and now getting rid of his stocks. In the meantime, he loaded some General Electric, General Motors, and Oracle on board, as quarterly filing shows with the Security and Exchange Commission.
The meeting between the major federal banks’ leaders, Yellen, Kuroda, Draghi, and Carney is still on, but do they have have a lot to discuss? Their main subjects are monetary policies effectiveness, transparency, accountability, and information clarity both domestically, and internationally.
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Japan’s GDP grows for seven straight quarters and the US tax bill is in play on the forex market. Spicing it with the British Brexit issues, here’s what could be ahead of us today:
The EURUSD finally broke above 1.17, finding buyers, most likely as an outcome of the US tax reform. As it looks today, the pair is heading to the 1.20, or even 1.21 levels.
The still ranging GBPUSD stayed above 1.30 and the continued uptrend is moving slightly higher to 1.315, as UK has its issues both domestically and in Europe. Eventually, we are looking to close the Brexit gap to 1.365, because the negotiations are not going well for the Brits.
The USDJPY keeps going nowhere, the suggested momentum trading is still profitable. 113 is still strong, but the pair has a downtrend which could let it drop to 112. There is no interest of selling until the 112 level is not broken, most probably it will not, but will move higher to 115, and on a longer term to 118.The USDJPY pulled back slightly and as 113 kept it up, the pair rallied a bit. The downtrend now is 112.5 and it seems that finally will break out and head to 114.5. In the mean time momentum trading is possible, thanks to its back&forth move.The USDJPY dropped some on Friday, found support on the 113 level. It formed a hammer but the market will continue going sideways in general. It is trying to build up a bullish pressure to go higher to 115, but it is a longer term possibility.The USDJPY rolled over on yesterday’s trading session, with 113 still being significant support. The pair is looking for a candle, showing that it is time to buy, which will send it higher. So far it's still an add-on market, but it depends on interest rate news to strengthen the dollar.
Check our website for more information:
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ID 166 - IEOM 2020 Dubai Conference Presentation - Mevuni Mendis The Trader Expo 2020 - Attend the Forex Expo & Conference in Abu Dhabi The Forex Expo 2019 Dubai Largest Forex Event - Throwback ID 279 - IEOM Society International 2020 Dubai Conference Presentation OneForex Trading  Dubai Conference Attend the Largest Forex Trading Event in Dubai Success of 14th MENA Forex, Managed Funds & Investments Expo Dubai 2015

The Forex Expo Dubai 2019, the leading Expo for the Forex trading industry community in Middle East. It brings together outstanding market influencers & professionals to discuss the vital topics in the Forex space, assembles global network of traders & industry expert, learn about the latest trends and developments, meet the hottest and most innovative projects, and hear about successful ... In its 12th Edition Arabcom is pleased to Invite you to Dubai on 14-15 November 2013 to take part of our event organized by Arabcom Group Forex Conferences 2023 2020 Forex Conferences The Forex Expo Dubai 2020. Register now . who we are. The Forex Expo is the Event for the Forex Professionals to Learn and Explore to in FX Trading Business. Meet the Right Leaders who can change your life with their knowledge shared to you. The OFFLINE live event. The OFFLINE in-person event will take place on December 16-17 in the Dubai World Trade Centre, Halls 1. The ONLINE virtual event ... Whether you are a visitor or a participant, ShowFx World organizers will provide you with tailored solutions and personal touch. If you are a visitor, we are happy to welcome you at our financial expos and conferences where you can enjoy presentations from financial experts as a part of thoroughly prepared educational programme, get bonuses from brokers and take part in prize draws. A Forex expo can provide you with great opportunities to learn about new trading strategies, network with other Forex traders and become familiar with the latest developments from within the industry. With Forex events being hosted worldwide, finding an affordable, relevant Forex expo has never been easier. We’ve listed the top Forex events worldwide so that you can find the one that’s ...  We only list conferences & workshops which have a significant amount of content on Fintech, Forex or Foreign Currency Exchanges. If you are a conference organizer please view our partnership opportunities or contact us. The search for Dubai from November 2020 result following trade fairs: Cityscape Dubai, International Apparel and Textile Fair Dubai, Urban Design & Landscaping Expo Dubai, Dubai International Boat Show Dubai, Paper Arabia Dubai, GITEX Global Dubai, TOC Middle East Dubai, WT Middle East Dubai, Gulf Traffic Dubai, Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo Dubai, Arabplast Dubai, Sign and ... In 2020 Forex conferences will offer attendees a platform to expand their connections with businesses across the planet. In the present day and age when we live in a global village there are ample opportunities to expand in to new markets like MENSA and Asia Pacific. At Forex expos events 2020 you can forge new connections giving you access to new markets across the globe. Savvy business ... Investor Conferences Ltd run a series of conferences in London and the north of England; including the London Forex Show, which specialises in currency market trading. There are numerous free seminars, workshops, and interactive exhibitions available to take part in at these premier trading events. Register in advance to benefit from a free place at the conference, as tickets on the door incur ... We were engaged in the development of the platform, and spoke at the blockchain conferences and summits in New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and other blockchain capitals. Then, we successfully conducted the Pre-sale and went to ICO, and the RNTB token is already taking part in trading on crypto-exchanges. In addition, the first building object in its history – Unity Towers – will be presented ...

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ID 166 - IEOM 2020 Dubai Conference Presentation - Mevuni Mendis

OneForex Trading Dubai Conference Please Subscribe if you are interested in: onecoin, onecoin dubai event, onecoin latest news, onecoin 2018, onecoin oneli... 95% Winning Forex Trading Formula - Beat The Market Maker📈 - Duration: 37:53. ... ID 273 - IEOM Society International 2020 Dubai Conference Presentation - Duration: 25:00. IEOM Society 1 view ... ID 166 Model to Assess Risk Perception and Behaviour of Individuals Mevuni Mendis, and Suren Peter, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, Dalugama, Western Province, Sri Lanka Industrial Engineering ... The 14th Edition of the Largest B2B & B2C Forex, Managed Funds & Investment Expo in the MENA region was held on 9-10 April 2015 in Dubai. It showcased latest developments and initiatives in Forex ... Thank you all for joining us for The Forex Expo-Dubai, 2019! We thank all Forex Traders, Brokers and Investors who gathered to make TheForexExpo - Dubai a biggest Forex Event ever in Middle East. The Trader Expo 2020 Date - 5th March 2020 Location - Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhabi Register - Meet and learn Forex from Forex Trainers Are you interested in Forex Trading or Investing your money? Find great opportunities in TheForexExpo happening on 2nd and 3rd of October 2019 at jumeirah Emirates Tower Dubai Get your Free ...